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Approximately 100,000 Real Estate Professionals Now Represented Within the MLS Aligned Network Apr

ARMLS, MetroMLS, MLSListings, RMLS, and partner to create real solutions to data challenges

September 18, 2018 – We are proud to announce the launch of MLS Aligned, LLC, a new company created to address the data efficiency problems facing multiple listing services. Formed and owned by 5 of the most innovative MLS organizations, with more expected to join, MLS Aligned has developed and launched a functioning platform for tools and software that will solve many of the pain points currently experienced by brokers, real estate product vendors, and multiple listing services.

ARMLS (serving Arizona), MetroMLS (serving Wisconsin), MLSListings (serving Silicon Valley), RMLS (serving Oregon), and (serving Utah) came together with the idea to change how data is distributed and to offer a platform for their individually built products. The platform, which is operational and has been validated by a large national vendor, uses a proprietary method to manage and distribute data without needless replication. MLSs participating in MLS Aligned get the following benefits:

  1. Your Rules, Your Way. MLSs keep their local rules with no requirements to adopt a unified rule set. MLSs have invested money and time into creating their rules, and they can continue to use the rules that work best for their local markets.

  2. Stay in Control of Your Data. Data within the MLS Aligned platform remains under the control of MLSs, brokers, and agents, so that they can share with those they choose to work with, using easy to configure controls.

  3. Avoid Data Replication and Gain Faster Speeds. Using the combined 150+ years of MLS and development experience across the MLS Aligned organization, the company developed a proprietary method to manage data without replication using extremely fast transfer speeds.

  4. You Control Compliance. MLSs have worked hard to develop and train compliance departments based on their local rules. MLS Aligned allows MLSs to maintain complete control over their data compliance at all times. The data goes in, the MLS manages it, and the MLS makes the decision on enforcement.

  5. No Large Upfront Fees to Join. We built the system with an “open source” philosophy so that others can join the platform in a cost-effective manner. The MLS Aligned founders have already built and paid for the initial infrastructure.

  6. Extra Products Available in the Future. The founding members have built an MLS software platform, a public records platform, a statistics platform, mobile applications, and other innovative products. The future goal is to allow for the easy sharing of products on the platform to create efficiencies and cost-effective solutions.

Commenting on the initiative, Brad Bjelke, CEO of, said, “I am so pleased to be working with Matt Consalvo (ARMLS), Chris Carrillo (MetroMLS), Jim Harrison (MLSListings), Kurt von Wasmuth (RMLS) and their respective teams on this great initiative. What we have accomplished in a little less than 6 months is remarkable and shows the power of our boards of directors, our CEO leadership, and our technology teams.”

The future is here, are you Aligned and ready? Visit our website at to learn more.

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