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One of the first projects built by MLS Aligned was a data distribution tool that enables MLSs to move their data accurately and efficiently to vendors, brokers, and other MLSs. Joining MLS Aligned allows you to do the following:


Your Rules, Your Way

MLSs keep their local rules with no requirements to adopt a unified ruleset. MLSs have invested money and time into creating their rules, and they can continue to use the rules that work best for their local markets.


Stay in Control of Your Data

Data within the MLS Aligned platform remains under the control of MLSs, brokers, and agents, so that they can share with those they choose to work with, using easy to configure controls.


Avoid Data Replication and Gain Faster Speeds

Using the combined 150+ years of MLS and development experience across the MLS Aligned organization, MLS Aligned developed a method to manage data without replication using extremely fast transfer speeds.


You Control Compliance

MLSs have worked hard to develop and train compliance departments based on their local rules. MLS Aligned allows MLSs to maintain complete control over their data compliance at all times. The data goes in, the MLS manages it, and the MLS makes the decision on enforcement.


No Large Upfront Fees to Join

We built the system with an "open source" philosophy so that others can join the platform in a cost-effective manner. The MLS Aligned founders have already built and paid for the initial infrastructure.


MLS Aligned is different from every data company and project in the industry because we adhere to the following principles:

No Data Replication

Your MLS data is sent real time through our API and no data is stored at MLS Aligned.

Our competitors are using outdated RETS and data distribution tools to copy MLS data in one place, and then distribute that data through an API. Your data lives outside your MLS on someone else's servers. MLS Aligned let's your data move in real time and it moves directly from the original source.

Simple Data Mapping Tool

Your staff can easily map your MLS data to the MLS Aligned API, allowing for a frictionless launch. No need to hire a consultant and no need to pay employee costs. We streamlined it for you.

Your Rules are Your Rules

You don't have to change your MLS rules to be part of MLS Aligned. You continue to govern your data distribution locally with your own rule set and contracts.

MLS Aligned API Diagram
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